Originally released on one of those CAM two for one soundtrack long playing records back in 1968, (mag 10.017) SCACCO INTERNAZIONALE, is a soundtrack composed by vintage Italian Maestro Carlo Rustichelli. At the time of its release on record the track total was limited to just eight cues, with another eight tracks from another Rustichelli spy film score SETTE UOMINI E UN CERVELLO on the B side of the album which featured the song DOMANDE performed by popular singer turned composer Nico Fidenco. The film directed by Rossano Brazzi starred Brazzi and Ann-Margret and was released outside of Italy as CRIMINAL SYMPHONY,SEVEN MEN AND ONE BRAIN or CRIMINAL AFFAIR. This soundtrack I have to say is also worthy of a CD release, so maybe BEAT might consider this for a future project.


Ok, back to SCACCO INTERNAZIONALE or THE LAST CHANCE as it was known outside of Italy. The film  featured Tab Hunter and Michael Rennie and took its inspiration from the James Bond films that had become popular during the early 1960’s as we all know this was something the Italians were good at doing, taking an established brand or genre and then creating something similar but not quite the same, but doing this so well. The score is typically Rustichelli, containing many of the composer’s little quirks of orchestration and musical nuances such as organ, big band jazz sound and a more classical orientated dramatic symphonic approach, all of which worked on their own levels and together when the Maestro employed them simultaneously. Many of the score’s cues can I suppose be referred to and categorised within the lounge or easy listening genre of music. But there are some nice little touches as in upbeat passages and even a march of sorts that the composer utilises to great effect. This in my opinion is probably one of the composers better scores form this period in his career, the use of a Smokey and even sleazy sound created by breathy woods and vibes sets the scene perfectly and Rustichelli builds on this with his inclusion of muted trombones, trumpets and jazz bass. As I already have said the LP contained just eight tracks, this compact disc release from BEAT records has a staggering thirty three, eight of which are from the original LP and are track numbers twenty six through to thirty three, so if its value for money you are looking for then this certainly delivers.


The music is wonderfully melodic and entertaining with a number of polished piano solos that stand out throughout the recording.   The CD itself is presented wonderfully, with stills from the movie, poster art work and interesting notes on the film and the composer by Pier Maria Bocchi. Sound quality is excellent and it’s the first time I have heard this in stereo because the LP was a mono recording. This is certainly worth adding to your collection, if you have never heard it you are in for a treat, if you already own the LP record then you will be delighted by the extra tracks and also the great sound quality.

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