Based On a serialised story in a monthly magazine, SAKANOUE ANIMAL CLINIC STORY, is a warm and rather melancholy drama which involves a young vet. Who is engaged as a practitioner in a small surgery by an older Vet. Because of the area and because the older vet is well known within the community most of the people from the area take their animals to the surgery for treatment. The young vet, KO, is eager to learn from his mentor but it is not long before the old vet disappears and leaves KO a note saying that the surgery is all his now. Although it is a mystery KO takes on the practise and soon becomes masterful and caring at his craft, referring to his animal patients as TAILS and as he fixes and cures his tails, he also heals the hearts and souls of their owners. The music for this heart-warming series is the work of composer/producer Yuki Hayashi, and for this project the composer has created a score that is filled with easy going and poignant themes that stand side by side with comedic interludes and a handful of more contemporary up tempo cues, the composer makes effective use of light and airy pizzicato, that at times is supported by percussion giving it a jaunty and almost mischievous or cheeky sound. Hayashi also makes wonderful use of solo piano throughout the work, and it is the piano that can be said to be the foundation of the score, creating emotive and haunting themes that the composer elaborates upon adding more instrumentation as the score progresses. There are also a handful of cello performances and these are embellished via beautiful violin performances adding  even more tenderness and melancholy to the proceedings. This is an inventive work if nothing else, with the composer employing an array of quirky sounds and instrumentation. Its an interesting work and one that you return to to listen through again and again. The lilting and melodic thematic material evokes a sound and style that we have already experiences with composers such as Joe Hisaishi in scores such as SPIRITED AWAY and HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE, the delicate nuances and elegant tone poems invading the listeners mind and implanting themselves within their sub-conscious. Recommended…

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