The superhero movies certainly come in very quick succession nowadays, a couple of weeks ago we had AVENGERS ENDGAME and now we have X MEN-DARK PHOENIX. Now you may recall I am not a great fan of Hans Zimmer, well if you don’t I am not going into all that again. Let’s just say I like some of his music. X MEN-DARK PHOENIX. Is in my opinion just OK, but I still have to admit to having a bit of a headache after I finished listening to it, I just don’t like the composers use of grating and jagged sounding electronics in his scores, don’t get me wrong there are real themes present within the score, the trouble is they are more often than not overpowered and completely swamped by these annoying, yes that’s the word, Annoying electronic jarring’s, which just obliterate any thematic material, Zimmer also utilises choir within the score, but even this just does not sound right, I don’t know I can’t put my finger on it, but its like he has three orchestras or three sets of performers and they are all playing different tunes and he then mixes them all together, and it don’t work. Ok please don’t write in, its my opinion and Zimmer fans will probably think this is the best superhero score since, well since the beginning of TIME, and talking of TIME we can within Zimmer’s score for X MEN-DARK PHOENIX hear so many similarities between it and INCEPTION. Which is fine (I actualy like INCEPTION-don’t tell Hans). But I have to honest and say in my opinion this X MEN score, is not that appealing to me. Yes the music probably works in the film, and yes that’s what its supposed to do, but as someone said just the other day, its great that the music works in the movie, but maybe a little bit of music that works just as music would be quite nice. It’s a dark and relentless score, with many Zimmer trademarks, ie long cues that build using the repeat process on a two or three note motif, the composer adding effects rather than affecting musical nuances and passages. A missed opportunity once again and again a disappointing score from Zimmer. Not for me maybe it’s for you? check it out.