There seems to be a lot of horror movies doing the rounds at the moment, and it was not long ago when we as film music collectors were literally unable to obtain any soundtrack releases for this genre, look how long it took to release the Hammer scores, and even now so many remain unreleased, same can be said for films such as WITCHFINDER GENERAL that took 40 years to get an official score release. Ay way, what I am saying is I think that nowadays we as collectors are slightly spoilt, because more often than not the latest slasher movie or occult themed picture gets a score release. The thing is when this sort of thing is going on there are certain scores that probably do not deserve to have their scores released. In my opinion, MIDSOMMAR is one of these, although it is undoubtably an innovative score and one that boasts little moments of brilliant writing, I am still not convinced that it warranted a release either on CD or indeed digitally. The music or musical and non-musical sounds are the work of Bobby Krilic, and I have to say that this is a soundtrack that is probably best left on the film to add weight and enhance it. This is in no way a bad review, because in the context of the film it is my opinion that the music does work and work well, and after all this is the job of film music in a movie, isn’t it? But,  as a listening experience away from the story and the images it was intended to support, nope I don’t think it does, yes I have to say there are a few magical sounding moments that do impress when listened to as stand alone pieces of music, and are even melodic and relaxing in their make up,  but the remainder of the score, is shall we say not an enriching or comfortable listen, which given the circumstances and the genre of film it is, I suppose is arguably acceptable. Krilic concocts a musical potion which entices and attracts, with its compelling, fearsome and harrowing musical ingredients.  So if you are looking for subtle and lyrical sounding themes,  there are a few here as in FIRE TEMPLE which is my favourite cue on the soundtrack,  but in the main look elsewhere, this is an anguished and at times perplexing score a chaotic sounding work and at times a frantic and chilling score, that does make the listener become edgy and slightly apprehensive, the sounds and the music combining to create a sinewy and affecting dark and sinister soundtrack, symphonic and synthetic meet and meld together to fashion a tormented and twisted musical persona, a fearful and unsettling aura and create an atmosphere that is tense and foreboding. So please do not think I am putting this down, because it is not the case, but maybe the score would have been better left on the movie to be savoured and experienced with the images and scenarios that are being opened and acted out on screen. Maybe it is too scary for its own good. But saying this  watch it win the Oscar….and become a runaway success like THE WICKER MAN (which I also did not think was good and overrated).  MIDSOMMAR is not a bad score, so please do check it out, its just not for me,  But what do I know?