In these days of the drone sound within film scoring, it is such a breath of fresh and vibrant air when along comes a film/TV score that is literally overflowing with themes and one that is bursting with energy, vitality and variety. In fact, it is hard to fathom that this music all comes from one production, but yes it does. SUPER SCIENCE SHOWCASE is in fact awash with exhilarating and robust thematic material and all of these wonderfully expressive and haunting themes are the work of a gifted and enormously talented composer whose name is David James Nielsen. The score which is from a movie and a TV series must be one of the most entertaining that I have heard in a while, each cue has the ability to hold one’s attention and also entertains and delights at the same time. I suppose the best way to describe this soundtrack is that it is a vintage as in symphonic score for a contemporary project, the richness and the sheer immense power of the themes is a testament to the composer and also to his ability to fashion and shape luxurious and lush sounding themes that not only support the movie/TV series but have to them a highly attractive sound and style that allow them to stand alone and be listened to and appreciated as just music without images.


I know many say every cue .every track is good and I did not have to jump any at all, but in this case that is the truth, I savoured and relished each track and was anticipating the next which when it came was a joy. It is rare to get a score in these modern times that can hold one’s attention throughout its entire duration but, SUPER SCIENCE SHOWCASE does that and more. The composers use of horns, strings, choir and inventive sounding woods and percussion is stunning, and this I think could possibly be one of the best scores thus far into 2019. The composer also makes effective use of solo performances within the score with violin being prominent in a handful of cues but mention too must be made of trumpet performances and the rhythmic percussive sounds, which enhance and drive many of the cues. Banjo too is present even if only in the background at times it still makes its presence felt and adds depth and atmosphere to the proceedings of this wonderfully lyrical sounding work. I listened once then again and then a third time, because I was blown away by the composer’s gift for melody and also his obvious talent in the area of orchestration creating a literal plethora of thematic material that wows and enthrals. The variety and sheer robust vibrancy of this score will make it one to own and one for everyone to listen to, buy it, own it savour it and tell others about it. The series as far as I can make out is a collection of stories, each one being treated by the composer as a separate item or indeed a mini movie as it were, these episodes or stories all have their own unique musical identity or score, thus the composer had to in effect write eight separate scores and fashion eight individual themes or motifs on which he built each of the scores.

The composer utilised a thirty-piece orchestra and embellished and bolstered the sound of this with orchestral samples, but to be honest one would not have any idea that samples were being used as the sound is so rich and full. The opening track is a perfect pre cursor for the remainder of the score with exhilarating and wistful strings creating a vibrant and powerful piece that sets the scene for all of what is to follow. It is hard to pick out any one track as being more appealing or better than anything else within the score, simply because the quality of the work is so high. However, I personally was drawn to THE FORAGERS THEME and the sections from the CUYAHOGA RIVER RIDERS, where the trumpet comes into it’s on a few occasions, the music for this being a fusion of American western music as in John Wayne territory and elements that can be linked with that of the Italian western genre’s scores. The composer combining forthright sounding strings and timpani to which he adds stirring brass to great effect. The entire work as I say is dramatic and has to it romantic and lush attributes, so something for everyone here even upbeat and pop orientated cues that appear later in the recording for the SHOCKLOSERS episodes. It’s just an all-rounder of a soundtrack, that will have you returning to the beginning as soon as it has come to an end. Do not even think about it just go and get it. Recommended yes a thousand times yes.


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