Released in 2018, INDIVISIBLE is what many call a Christian film, or a faith-based movie. Sometimes this genre of film can get a little too much for certain people but this particular example has had people actualy changing the way that they behave and has prompted men to become better husbands and better human beings. It is a fact-based story that focuses upon an army Chaplain and his wife who after he returns from war have to fight a kind of war themselves to save their marriage. The atmospheric musical score is by composer Paul Mills, who has penned a truly haunting work to enhance and underline this ever so emotive story. His music has hope and romance within it, there is also a dark and more unsettling element to the soundtrack, which the composer realises via the use of various symphonic and electronic sounds and utilises ethnic sounding instrumentation at times to purvey the required atmosphere and mood. The style of Mills in this case is somewhat like John Williams and also the late Jerry Goldsmith, the opening track begins with a percussion roll that is joined by a patriotic sounding trumpet solo that is underlined and supported by further percussive elements. Short lived but a powerful and attention-grabbing start, which stirs the listen and sets the scene for most of what is to follow. Track number two, FAMILY FORT is a lighter affair with piano and strings creating a carefree and playful theme.


Track number three, TAKEDOWN is just the opposite with the composer fashioning a tense and dramatic piece and combining both conventional and synthetic instrumentation to bring to fruition a growling and unsettling sound. Track seven FALCON BASE is also a dark sounding passage with ethnic sounding instrumentation and voice being underlined by foreboding strings and a drone like sound that creates a nervous atmosphere. INDIVISIBLE is a score that has many musical colours and textures, and also changes direction without one even realising it, we are treated to haunting and fragile sounding tone poems that are filled with melancholy and a sense of hopefulness, then thee are the more shadowy and fearsome sounding pieces, that are vibrant, pulsating and effective, plus we also have a sound that appears every now and then that could be James Horner when he wrote for choir, as in BRAINSTORM or even KRULL. This otherworldly sound is also affecting as much as it is effective. I recommend that you try and check this one out and whilst doing so catch another Paul Mills score RUN THE RACE two scores that I know that you will love.