Nainita Desai, is undoubtedly one of the most talented composers I have heard in recent years, and she just consolidates my views and thoughts about her composing prowess with her latest work for the documentary UNTAMED ROMANIA. Right from the opening track one just knows that this is a score that will be something special, the majestic sounding opening theme sent chills through me, it begins it is powerful and commanding but also has to it a with subtle strings and choral enhancement, and gradually builds into a wonderfully melodic and vibrantly lush piece which invades one senses and tantalises with its gorgeous and lavish sound that is brought forth via soaring strings, percussive elements and a rich and beautiful use of brass and woods, that are underlined with choral flourishes and opulent and stirring brass lines. Music in documentaries has come a long way in recent times and music for documentaries and docu-dramas is I have to say a rich source of inventive and highly original sounding soundtracks. UNTAMED ROMANIA is no exception and is a score that is overflowing with poignant, dramatic and at times fragile and intricate sounding thematic properties. Track three for example A CHRYSALIS AWAKENS is a delicate and haunting piece, with a yearning and heartfelt solo violin creating the core theme for the track and punctuation from female voices, that are enhanced by strings, it is a delight and pleasure to listen too. Then within the following cue WILD BOARS we are treated to a darker and more unnerving sound, which is an introduction to a dramatic and quite hard-hitting composition, that is given life by percussion and strings and strong brass. With track number five SPRINGTIME IN CARPATHIA we hear again the fragile and lighter persona of the score initially, but then the cue alters for a few seconds and segues into something that is more stirring and powerful, the composer creating and fashioning a sound that is highly appealing and certainly filled with splendour. Do I need to say anymore, No not really, based on the opening five cues I would buy this straight away, powerful, eloquent, vibrant and above all beautiful. The composers stunning music changing and adapting for each scenario and each instalment, very much like the seasons within the film, Recommended.

Available on Silva Screen. records.

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