Cast your mind back to THE TRUMAN SHOW remember the score, yes of course you do does,nt everyone, it was for me one of the highlights of the movie, the film was fascinating and the score helped considerably. The composer who penned the music for the movie has just finished scoring THE LONGEST SHOT which is now available to listen to on various digital platforms. It is a score I suggest that you should check out as it is probably one of the most atmospheric and entertaining that I have heard so far this year. THE LONGEST SHOT is a drama thriller, which focuses upon a Shanghai based hitman named Zhao who is preparing to retire from his trade. He takes the contract for two assassinations or hits, both of which take place in the same location and are scheduled to be carried out at the same time. But he discovers that the target of one of the contracts is the consignor of the other. Zhao decides he will take on both contracts to make a huge amount of money and set him up in his retirement, but what he encounters is a tangled web of deceit and a maelstrom of complexity. The music for this taught and tense affair is suitably slanted to suit and underline the more than apparent stress filled and pressured storyline of the movie, but even though there are many dramatic and thickly atmospheric passages and compositions within the score, the composer’s Burkhard Dallwitz and Brett Aplin still maintain an impressive array and level of thematic material. This is one of those dark and brooding works that on occasion unearths a lilting and richly melodic moment, although maybe these are few and far between, they provide a welcomed respite to the remainder of the score which is superbly uneasy and wonderfully sinister. The music on one hand purveys a perfect edgy atmosphere and unsettling moments throughout, it is a masterpiece of the disconcerting and the disturbing, with poignant and emotive interludes scattered along the way. I recommend tat you at least check this score out, but I know once you have done this you will want to own it, no question.

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