I recently was lucky enough to hear a beautiful score for a new movie JESUS DE NAZARETH which had an atmospheric and rich sounding soundtrack composed by Alejandro Karo, I was pleased to see his score for DESEO DESEO available on Spotify, sadly no compact disc as yet, but at least I get to hear this wonderfully dark and edgy sounding score. This is a a sinewy and virulent sounding score that teases and tantalises the listener, at times lulling them into a sense of false security, the shadowy and dark sinister persona of the music is at times given a richness and also a near romantic sound as the composer manages even at times of the most harrowing in musical terms retain a thematic quality that one catches glimmers of throughout. Although the score for DESEO DESEO is in my opinion darkness personified, there is always something present that one can latch onto that is strangely calming. The score has to it a definite atmospheric quality and is filled with foreboding fragments of sounds and half heard nuances and unnerving passages that are underlined themselves by spidery and fragmented slithers of sound that augment and punctuate the proceedings and keep the tension heightened. The composer employs a mixture of elements within his score, which the composer describes as an electronic hybrid. The effect of the instrumentation and combination of electronics and string ensemble is certainly stunning and spine chilling, there is a sound here that maybe I can compare to the style of Chris Young in DRAG ME TO HELL or THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE and also Jerry Goldsmith when he scored movies like, THE HAUNTING and SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY, Alejandro Karo has fashioned an unsettling work for the movie which he scored in 2016, but has not been released until recently. This is an innovative work and one that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout, however there are a handful of lighter moments when as if from nowhere we are given respite via a fragile piano solo, harrowing and tormenting with a touch of melancholy, it is excellent. Recommended.

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