There are I think a handful of types of scores in film and television, grandiose and epic. Sweeping and romantic, dramatic and tense, dark and sinister and also there are a few scores that are minimalistic in the use of music within a film or television project, NOAH LAND is a score I recently listened too, but I have waited so I could re-visit it a few times, so I can give a better prospective of how the score sounds or what instrumentation is utilised, I think I decided to return to it because it was so affecting and emotive or at least I thought so, it is not in any way an overblown grand orchestral affair, but whatever the instrumentation it certainly hits the spot in all the right places. It is overflowing with beautifully woven themes, because something as lovely as this has to have been carefully and caringly assembled. It is a wonderfully fragile and delicate sounding work, with light use of strings, woodwind and piano which combine to create a superbly intricate and tantalising musical web that delivers dustings of colour and texture throughout. The composer, Leon Gurvitch is a new name to me, although maybe you have sampled his musical wares before this score? Again, it is the Movie Score Media label we have to say a big thank you too for releasing this vibrant and varied sounding soundtrack. I am always amazed when MSM release a new score that it is invariably of a new composer or a composer that has not been noticed and the scores are always excellent, in these days of mediocre scores for both film and TV we should be so thankful to MSM for introducing us the film music collectors of the world so many new and inspirational works for cinema etc. I thnk the attraction of NOAH LAND is that it is essentially a simple score, and at times it is quite sparse when it comes to performance as in solo piano a scattering of woods and subtle strings, but the formula works and works so well, it is filled with poignant moments and melancholy interludes, which are haunting and affecting. Two cues that I think stand out are FATHERS THEME and PIANO WALTZ, they just have this aura, this presence and a quality to them that one cannot ignore, and why would you want to. NOAH LAND is a score that should be listened too alone and maybe in a darkened room with no distractions, it will transport you to a place that is maybe less stressful than the one you are in. Dramatic, romantic, and highly emotive. Recommended.

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