Composer Simon Kölle, has worked on a few projects this year, one THE HUNTRESS RUNE OF THE DEAD was reviewed recently on MMI and also released in digital form by Swedish label, Movie Score Media, previous to this project the composer scored the movie DRAKAR OCH DEMONAR TRUDVANG which is a dramatic, fantasy, horror. The score that the composer penned worked wonderfully within the movie and elevated the action scenes as well as managing to create beautiful atmospherics and dark threating moods, the work has to it a malevolent and ethereal sound, with the composer utilising a mixture of both synthetic and symphonic whilst bolstering these elements further with voices and eerie sounds. There is a foreboding entity to the score that is heard throughout and is I would say the foundation of the score. There is a definite unsettling and apprehensive musical persona to this soundtrack, a threatening and nerve-jangling aura that oozes from the music to not only engulf the listener but also to enhance and give support to the images on screen. The composer also works into the score some lighter moments which at times take on the form of folk or traditional sounding musical passages, these are pleasant and calming interludes within what is for the most part a fearsome and powerful sounding score. The composer makes effective use of ominous sounding brass which at times he heightens and embellishes with slicing strings and sombre sounding low string work, this is evident more prominently in track number twelve SVEKET (The Betrayal). Where the composer also puts to effective use percussive elements and a choral sound, add to this a icy and shadowy sounding array of synthetic sounds and what we have is commanding and particularly interesting piece. Track number fourteen too is an attractive and compelling composition, a vocal which has to it a LORD OF THE RINGS style as in Howard Shore, it is a haunting piece performed by Female vocalist who is supported by soaring strings, but this soon become sinister in their sound, the strings creating an uneasy background to a beautiful vocal performance. Another score that you should check out, Recommended.

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