The second soundtrack release in seven days from composer, Eirik Myhr, comes from the stage production, INGENTING. On listening to the first few tracks one can begin to understand and appreciate just how versatile this composer is, the last score I reviewed which was from the theatre production MIO, MIN MIO was a fully thematic and wonderfully melodic work, filled with a musical warmth and wealth that excited and enthralled. INGENTING is I have to say the opposite, but, I am not saying that it is in any way shape or form inferior, its just totally different, which in my book is a good thing because at times composers do seem to have a success and then try and emulate the sound and style that they established in the previous or popular work. But INGENTING displays this composers gift for actually writing to match the scenarios and also the storyline of this project, where as MIO,MIN MIO was a fairly melodious and theme driven work, this is filled with a harsher and more urban sound, electronic sounds dominate the work, and it has to it a more atonal sound in some of the cues. However, the composer does treat us to some fairly upbeat and toe tappingly appealing pieces, in which percussive elements and electric guitar passages combine to create a more contemporary sound than the composer realised within MIO, MIN MIO. As a fan or collector of TV, Film and stage scores, I have to say that I am of the romantic and theme led school of thought, but INGENTING although a little sparse on romanticism as in thematic cues and compositions, does still hold a certain attraction for me, there is a saying HORSES FOR COURSES which basically means you use the tools and sounds etc that is fitting for a specific subject matter, Myhr has certainly done this with his score for INGENTING, in which the emphasise is upon a more modern and at times cold sound, but this is perfect for the production, soaring strings and beautiful tone poems I think would be out of place here. The composer has fashioned effective soundscapes and realised what I would call an industrial or urban style for the project. Plus, there is a darkness or rawness that is purveyed throughout, which is unsettling and also at times fearsome. An effective and interesting soundtrack.

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