Another release from composer Eirik Myhr, this time from a radio series, KATAKOMBENS HEMMELIGHET. This is a score that is a little different as it not only contains some lilting and haunting melodies, but it has within its make-up, Gregorian chant like material and there is a contemporary sound present which gives the work an upbeat pace at certain points. It is modern sounding, but also there are underlying sounds and styles that can only be described as vintage or old school film music, by this I mean there are some well structured and engaging musical moments throughout, which are tantalising and vibrant. I am rather fond of the way this composer utilises sounds such as solo voice, which in this case is serene and beautiful being supported by an otherworldly, mysterious and intricate background that is subdued and simple. There is to this score many varying styles and an abundance of both musical colours and textures, in certain places I was reminded of the work of composer Richard Band, who is a composer I have always admired for his ability to create wonderfully clever and effective themes and musical passages on what was a very economic budget.




Eirik Myhr, I think is a rather unique composer, as he is also able to fashion so many rich, dark and romantic atmospheres via synthetic sources in most scenarios. His style is one that cannot really be defined or pigeon holed because in the scores I have heard he employs a different approach each time, but this is no bad thing, it reveals to the collectors of film and TV music that he is a composer that can quite literally work within any medium and score any genre. This as I have said is a radio series or a play for radio, but the music and the sounds he has created for the production, could easily be for a bigger budget movie, he utilises electronics to weave eloquent and elegant themes, that are both eerie and romantically laced, there is real heart and substance to these motifs as the composer lays down a solid foundation and builds upon it to weave a tense and colourful work. The composer also effectively incorporating solo piano, which in the closing themes is wonderfully emotive, but at the same time creates an uneasy and chilling mood. I am not sure if it is more difficult to write music for radio than it is to score a motion picture or TV production, but I would imagine it comes with a certain amount of difficulty as the composer is not seeing images which he can relate to, and has to rely on a script or on listening to the play beforehand. I do like this score a lot, I love its energy, its melodious content and most of all its dark and sinister sounds that seem to entice and beckon the listener to go closer. One to check out, available on Spotify.

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