27151Amine Bouhafa is a composer I happened to come across quite accidentally when exploring various web sites and digital platforms. His gift for creating wonderfully attractive melodies soon becomes obvious to any listener after listening to a mere handful of his compositions for film and television. He has this knack of fashioning a melody which almost instantly mesmerises or captivates the listener. I know that the purpose of movie music is to support the film or project, but this composer not only achieves this but also moulds themes and tuneful musical apparitions that are highly impacting away from the story that unfolds upon any screen, small or large. There is a richness and even a sumptuous atmosphere to his music, in fact I would describe it as being a fusion of vintage Hollywood or the Golden age of film music, which was fully romantic and overflowing with an abundance of lush and lavish themes plus there are also elements of the Silver age of movie scores present that include dramatic and driving components that are complimented with beautifully touching nuances, that seem to appear from nowhere to develop into fully emotive and affecting compositions. But, alongside all of this we can also hear a style that is undoubtedly innovative and individual, which of course is the composers own unique musical fingerprint, his light and delicate themes or hints of themes are understated but still shine through to make an impression which is lasting and enriching. His most recent score PLACE DES VICTOIRES is a delightfully charming affair, the composer employing strings and piano to create melodic and haunting pieces, the six note motif that is the foundation for the core theme on which the remainder of the score is built is heard in various guises throughout the score, with the composer presenting it in a fresh and vibrant way on each outing at times underlining or punctuating it with subtle accordion or pizzicato strings that add a slightly lighter air to the proceedings. The emotive content of this work overflows and at certain points literally oozes from the speakers of one’s hi-fi. There is a fragility to this work that touches the listener almost instantly, Bouhafa, making effective use of lilting and poignant musical passages that develop into accomplished and polished melodious compositions which are difficult to forget easily. The style employed here, I think could be likened to that of Zbignew Preisner or even at times Debbie Wiseman I know these composers maybe worlds apart stylistically but the sound the aura and the musical persona that s projected within PLACE DES VICTOIRES just evoked certain scores by both of the aforementioned composers. There is simplicity and also at times more involved writing, but each support and compliment each other and together create a score that will I think become a firm favourite and unforgettable. Recommended.

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