Its an odd thing that at times you hear the latest score from a composer and you think, That’s his best yet, then the next release surpasses it, James Newton Howard is a composer I have followed from RUSSKIES onwards, and I have to say I think this every time I hear one of his soundtracks, one of his recent scores is for Terrence Malick’s A HIDDEN LIFE, and again the composer has created a work that is reflective, tranquil, emotive and affecting and one which underlines, punctuates and enhances perfectly. The story line is too a touching and thought-provoking piece which focuses upon the relationship between a husband and wife in small village in Austria during WWll, the husband being a conscientious objector. It’s a tale of love and morality, The composer has fashioned a beautiful score, which is laden with poignant and highly emotional compositions, the music is an important component of the story and the scenarios that are being acted out on screen, Newton Howard piecing together gentle and melodic nuances that are delicate and purvey a sense of fragility and melancholy, the heart breaking themes that run throughout the score are haunting and at times total consuming and mesmerising. Newton Howard is a composer of many colours musically and also, he has the ability to adapt to any genre of film giving each project a lasting and vibrant sound or musical personality. His score for A HIDDEN LIFE is I would say up ther with his best, it lays bare the emotional content of the story and underlines the dramatic content and also laces the romantic interludes wonderfully, this is a soundtrack that you will probably shed a tear or two over, its highly emotional content will sweep over you and infiltrate your mind, body and soul, tug at your heart strings and tantalise your senses. The low-key sound is appealing and although at times is sorrowful via the cello performances and also solo violin, and string section, it still has to it a shining and glinting aura, the music speaks of hope and also of loyalty and love. Certainly, one to check out.

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