As companies such as NETFLIX and AMAZON begin to become ever more popular because of the lack of programmes that are remotely entertaining on the standard channels such as BBC and ITV channel four and five etc, the productions that these two as an example are becoming more ambitious and also are stirring up more and more interest from the viewing public and also producers and directors who are now maybe thinking they too should start to become involved with the productions that are being financed and aired by the channels. As the productions from these companies become even more popular so the budgets for them inevitably grow and this, I have to say is good news, even for us film music collectors and fans. Because with larger budgets come larger music budgets that allow composers to also become more ambitious with the types of scores that they are able to produce. One case in point is the score for the series on Netflix LOST IN SPACE, which is a re-boot of the popular and now iconic 1960’s TV series. LOST IN SPACE 2, is now available as is its pulsating and action led score by composer Christopher Lennertz.



The composer who also penned the score for the first series of LOST IN SPACE alla’Netflix, has not only created a tremendously thematic work that contains many new and vibrant themes but he has also once again incorporated fragments and hints of the original TV theme as written by one Johnny Williams. This familiar motif raises its head from time to time throughout the work and Lennertz presents it in such a way that it remains fresh and pulsating on each outing, the score which is fully symphonic and grandiose is probably one of the most high octane and commanding that have heard in a while, but although it is for the most action driven there are also present some beautiful sounding lighter moments which evoke emotive and melancholy feelings. It is a score that keeps driving onwards and each cue brings a step up in gear and pace, with strings percussion and brass relentlessly combining and moving forward to create a tense and dramatic feel, the composer fashioning grand moods and fabricating atmospheres that are enthralling and attractive in a edge of the seat way. Recommended.

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