I think that it true to say that although Gabriel Yared is a multi-award winning film music composer, he is also a composer that I feel is underatted and sadly underused, his score for TROY was in my opinion excellent, and it certainly out shone the re-score by James Horner. Yared, is a talented composer, arranger and conductor and also an artist that can adapt easily to each project he works upon. The composer has the ability to create haunting and lush melodies, but at the same time is quite capable of constructing complex and intricate scores for movies as well as television projects. His style is not one that I would say is instantly identifiable as the composer scores each film with an individual and unique musical fingerprint. One of the composers recent scores is from the movie, PARADISE WAR-THE STORY OF BRUNO MANSER, Yared has fashioned an emotive and touching soundtrack, which is delicate and underlines the fragility of the environment that Manser so dearly loved and fought for. Based on a true story, the film focuses upon the renowned environmentalist Bruno Manser, who in 1984 travelled into the thick and wild jungles of Borneo and discovers the Penan tribe, his contact and connections with the tribe alters his life drastically, and when the existence of the tribe becomes threatened by modern civilization, Manser decides to make a stand against it. He attempts to halt the logging that is destroying the forests, but it is a fight that will cost him dearly. The score by Yared is highly melodic and the composer creates beautifully crafted and hauntingly affective compositions that are at times understated and simple, but because of this simplicity and its subtle style the music is not only affectingly poignant but adds greater depth and emotion to the proceedings. The score is in the main symphonic, with strings and also woodwinds being given centre stage, the combination of these and the placing of faint sounding brass gives this soundtrack a real heartfelt aura, it is a pleasing and gratifying listening experience and for me is a wonderfully melodious and truly thematic experience, both in the movie aswell as away from it. The composer also utilises choir within the score, which purveys a sadness and a celestial sound that is calming. There are also present more action themed cues, as in ESCAPE FROM THE CAR which is dominated by driving strings and brass stabs, that together create a tense and uneasy atmosphere. But for the majority of the work we are treated to gloriously effecting themes, that are filled to overflowing with melancholy and also a real sense of emotive nuances that seem to get right to the heart of the listener. Yared employing boy soprano and light sounding solo piano to achieve a sound that you will not be able to resist.  A great score, and one to add to your collection.   Available as a digital download via all digital platforms, released by PLAZA MAYOR.

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