ATONE is a high octane fast paced thriller that was released in 2019, it focuses upon an ex-special operations officer called Laura Bishop, who has to become involved with the neutralising a group of hijacker’s when they take her daughter hostage in a church. The music for this thriller is the work of composer Sid de la Cruz, who seems to have thrown everything he possibly could into creating this exciting and powerful score. The music accompanies the action perfectly, and the composer underlines the tense and nervous scenario as it unfolds and develops. The composer establishes the sound and style of the score immediately within the opening track HIJAKING, which is a taught and robust composition, brass, strings, percussion and synths take to the stage and let loose an unrelenting piece that is a perfect introduction for the majority of what is to follow, tense musical stabs punctuate the proceedings adding to the mix an apprehensive air. This is a work that is a fusion of both symphonic and synthetic elements, each complimenting and supporting each other throughout, both mediums of instrumentation bouncing off each other to create some interesting and vibrant combinations. But, just because this is an action thriller film and also a driving score in most cases, does not mean that the composers goes simply for the action or atonal sound, there are also a number of cues that can be described as lighter or maybe even melancholy at times, as in RUN OUT OF BUILDING and MOMMY. Within the harder action cues, I did become reminded of the style which Jerry Goldsmith would employ in his later assignments as far back as TOTAL RECALL, and I was also reminded somewhat of Joel Goldsmith’s MOON 44 and Mark Mancina’s SPEED. ATONE has that commanding yet thematic persona to it. Many of the cues are short lived, but this maybe is a bonus as it makes one want to move ahead and listen to more of the same, the composer employs inventive orchestration and balances the mix of sounds perfectly. Certainly, check this one out. Worth a listen or three.

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