Howard Shore is without a doubt a great composer, his music for LORD OF THE RINGS is a testament to that statement. He is an inventive and highly original composer, who utilises at times unusual instrumentation or experiments with orchestration to achieve effective and affecting musical solutions. His scores are varied and also interesting as his style if you can say he has one is so varied with each assignment. I suppose he first came to everyone’s attention with his music for the David Cronenberg movie THE BROOD, he soon followed up this success with music for films such as DEAD RINGERS and of course SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. It was not long before Shore had established himself as a composer who was talented and also a Maestro who could adapt and tailor his music to any genre of film and also to any scenario within these genres. One of the composer’s latest releases is musical score for THE LOST PRINCE, which is something of a departure for the composer from films such as LORD OF THE RINGS, SEVEN and THE FLY. The score is a light-hearted one, with the composer creating charming and carefree musical themes, that are not only a delight to hear but also a fresh and at times amusing listen. But, saying this I suppose I should take a look back on the composers credits and re-visit scores such as BIG and to a degree HUGO, before I say that THE LOST PRINCE is a departure musically and stylistically for Shore, I think at times it is just because we associate him with films that have a darker and sinister subject matter that we forget that he is perfectly capable of fashioning delicate and subdued musical compositions. And for THE LOST PRINCE we are treated to many of these such moments, the score is a sheer delight from start to finish, the composer utilising strings, brass, percussion, harp and woods in the main, that are complimented and further enhanced via choral performances, it is a score that like many of his other works is filled to overflowing with a richness and also an abundance of standout musical moments throughout. Directed by Michel Hazanavicius, THE LOST PRINCE is a film that tells the story of a seven year old girl, who every night is transported to an imaginary film studio or STORYLAND, where fantastical fairy tales and adventures are brought to life by her Father Djibi, who has a starring role in each of them, portraying a heroic and handsome Prince. But as the girl grows up, she starts to invent her own stories and her Father is no longer the hero or central character, in the real world too, his roles begin to alter, and he decides that he must re-invent himself and find a way to remain his daughters hero.



Shore’s music compliments and enhances perfectly the varying scenarios that are unfolding on screen, it is a dramatic but also a touching, heart-warming and melancholic sounding work, that also has to it a brilliant comedic and mischievous air.  Filled with emotion and also subtle nuances that are poignant and heart-breaking, THE LOST PRINCE is  highly enjoyable and entertaining.  Recommended. Available on various digital platforms on Howe records.

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