Godwin Borg, Owner KRONOS RECORDS, Film music lover. 

godwin borg1


Are you in Lockdown in Malta.


So far there is a partial lockdown that is not even compulsory, it is recommended though… especially for people over 65. Whoever can work from home has been urged to do so also. Rumour has it a full lockdown will be on soon since they are expecting the spike in around 2 weeks’ time. However, people cannot meet in groups bigger than 3 and all establishments that are not deemed offering necessary services (i.e. food stores) have been shut down already for a while.


Are you still planning future releases for Kronos.


Yes of course but at a more relaxed pace than normal. With the situation as is there is no point in scheduling release dates or rushing, since all mail and logistics has been rerouted through different channels (various airports closed and most airlines running on skeleton crew).

Whats been the music that you have been turning to the most in the pandemic.


Since I do work with music most of the time I’m really taking this time to do other things that need to be done that are not related to work  per se and to relax also but not listening to much music actually and I am surviving quite well, surprisingly enough.



Have you been watching what we call classic movies or are you checking out more recent releases?


Actually. I have been catching up on a few TV shows, just finished watching season 10 of Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, as always, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good. Still contemplating what to next catch up on.


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Has there been a mad rush at food stores, and are supplies ok?


Supermarkets and food stores are all open as per directive and all well stocked so far. No idea of how it will be in future since, living on an island we rely mostly on imported goods, especially these last couple of decades, so if supply from abroad keeps coming there should not be any mayor issues.


As well as audio and visual entertainment have you read anything new or returned to any old favourites.

Yes, actually finishing reading a book called “The Three Body Problem” book 1 of a brilliant trilogy by Cixin Liu and spending time in the garden. As I said I am taking this opportunity to wind down. I am making the best of what I can in those quasi-surreal times.



Do you think this awful virus will maybe change the way we behave towards each other and to the animal kingdom when it is over?


Kronos-Records - Copy
Sadly not, man has proven to be the most inconsiderate and disrespectful creature on the planet, towards both fellow humans, other animals and to the planet itself. The situation is getting back to “normal” already in China, or so we are led to believe and already they are gearing towards rebooting their industry…. The West will follow suit… I have no doubt of that. I hope I am wrong and that mankind will have learnt something from this pandemic, how damaging and destructive have the last 200 years of human history been and by being “locked in” he will have had time to reflect, but just like a relapsing criminal I’m sure he will go back to his evil ways. Maybe some people really need to remain in lockdown for the rest of their days… Some will learn, most will not, man is a creature of habits, mostly bad ones…. I’m not being negative, only realistic. And I do really hope I am wrong. one of those rare situations I genuinely hope I am wrong.

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