John Williams,  (no not that one)  film music and TV music collector, all round music lover, former editor and creator of Music From The Movies, contributor to Movie Music International. 



Are you in a lockdown or part lockdown situation?

As to the lockdown, it has been hard not being able to go to places you normally do and plan trips whatever, but I am grateful I am not working and don’t have any of the problems of keeping a job or wondering what will happen to it. That must be awful. We are all in this together and together we will come out the other side.


So, have you been listening to anything specific whilst the COVID 19 virus lockdown started?
Music wise, not as much as normal funnily enough. My usual weird blend of Vaughan Williams, Cilla Black, Francoise Hardy, Jack Jones. Jerry Goldsmith, Francis Lai, Michael Legrand and not forgetting Richard Harvey who’s music I couldn’t exist without.


What about TV or even dvd,s
Sadly, as always, the main TV Channels have let us down. BBC next week have THE ROBE, THOSE MAGNIFICENT MEN, THE VIKINGS again. I think they were on last Bank Holiday or Christmas. To think years ago BBC had a Film Purchasing Dept. Those were the days. So mostly Talking Pictures – where would we be without them. Some 60s Movies and TV series THE SAINT, THE AVENGERS, KOJAK that sort of thing. Nothing too modern please!



Have you found that you have been reading more?
Yes, reading a lot more actually, I read a lot anyway, and I think I read more than watch movies-so why have I got a big pile of DVDS sat in the corner? Film biographies. History of World War 2. Britain in the 20th Century. No novels at all? The, last novel I read was the POSEIDON ADVENTURE in about, what was it 1972. Enjoyed it though.


Do you think that our lives will alter even more when this virus eventually goes?

Being usually a cynic, I will go the other way and think when we come out of this nightmare, we will appreciate people, animals, whatever shops that will still be there and anything else that we come out with more of a positive attitude and feeling of love and friendship for our fellow man, and be more courteous to other people.