Composer Marco Werba is Maestro that has over a number of years has built up a reputation based on his deliverance of highly supportive film scores, in my opinion the composer has in the past two decades been responsible for creating some of the most entertaining film scores as in the music working as part of the film making process, with image and music working closely together, the music creating moods and atmospheres that ordinarily would not have been experienced if it were not for the composers intuitive and innovative use of music. One of the composers most recent scores is for, IL DELITTO MATTARELLA, which is released on Digit Movies, The, film which is directed by filmmaker Aurelio Grimaldi, is the fourth collaboration between the director and composer.



IL DELITTO MATTARELLA is a tense and consuming drama, that is set against political and criminal backgrounds, and the score by Maestro Werba, is in a word excellent. I would go as far as to say that is probably the composers most accomplished work for cinema, but then again when one looks at and listens to the impressive and varied filmography of the composer, it is difficult to select just one film score as being a stand out item, because all of his scores are highly polished and brimming with outstanding compositions. The score for IL DELITTO MATTARELLA is a powerful one, and contains strident and sweeping thematic material, right from the offset we are treated to an intriguing and commanding musical persona that purveys a dark and forceful atmosphere. Fully symphonic as far as I can tell, the score contains gentle nods and bows to the style of the late Ennio Morricone, but there is also the distinct and wonderful style of Marco Werba a style that dominates and oozes a luxurious and inventive musical personality . It is a score that is overflowing with a rich and vibrant sound. But not all of the soundtrack is dark and foreboding, there is melody and also lighter moments throughout, with piano, cello, flute and guitar being featured as solo instrumentation on various cues. The flawless cello performance is soaked in emotion and melancholy and perfectly complimented by flute, that is gracious and affecting.


Marco Werba
Marco Werba

The instruments combining and fashioning a delicate and haunting tone poem that has to it a dark underlying sound, but at the same time is filled with fragility and apprehension. The composer combines and interweaves solo cello, piano and strings in SICILIA 1980, to create a sense of tension, and also utilises a small string ensemble that underlines and compliments guitar and cello in the cue INCONTRO 1 and 2. To choose just one cue within the score s being more prominent than the other, would be impossible, because the entire soundtrack has to it an imposing quality, and an attractive and entertaining style.  Recommended no question.