MULAN. 2020.

I think that there is only one problem when a film is rebooted concerning the music at least. Take MULAN for example, I have always loved the original animated movies score by Jerry Goldsmith, we all know that the composer was a master, but he always excelled when integrating oriental sounds into his scores, and MULAN was no exception. It was a proud and emotive score that was crammed with rich thematic material, and gorgeous sounding romantic and lush interludes. The new Disney live action MULAN looks impressive enough, and the score by Harry Gregson- Williams is to an imposing and gratifying work, which is also filled with an abundance of wonderfully lyrical sounding themes. It is however unfair to compare this latest work with the work of Jerry Goldsmith on the original, why? Well because we have basically had the Goldsmith score in our heads for many years and the Gregson-Williams is a new musical outing. The use of ethnic instrumentation, a on the new score is stunningly effective. But the original score as we are aware contained its own fair share of this style of scoring. I would say that the new score and film is probably more over-ally correct as in the way in which the instrumentation is utilised. Let’s face it the original MULAN was a Disney animated movie which was basically Disney-fied, if that makes sense. This Latest incarnation of the tale of courage, heroics, and honour, although at times containing comedy influences plays it more for the action and wow elements rather than for laughs. Thus, the score to is a more serious and grounded affair, the composer has fashioned a work of immense quality and one too that contains so many emotions, textures and musical colours. Goldsmith’s surging themes were and still are brilliantly done, but I am of the opinion that Gregson-Williams has penned a more mature and also a more ethnically correct work, that suits the various situations and scenarios that occur during this movie which I am sure will be a great success for the studio. Yes there are touches of a light and also of a romantic air that pop into the score every so often, and this I think is why the work is an appealing one because it has variety and also a sound and style that is pleasing. There are gentle nods to composer Goldsmith within the score, which I thought was a nice and also a respectful touch. I suppose what I am saying is if you are going to buy this in the hope of hearing a reworking of the original score by Goldsmith, then save your money, because although there are acknowledgements to the first score, this is indeed an original work that stands upon its own two feet, and has numerous merits all of its own. The cue MULAN LEAVES HOME is inspiring, romantic and sad, its melancholy beginnings being affecting and poignant, but after a short period the mood begins to alter and the track builds emotively and slowly becoming a powerful piece that incorporates voices, percussion and brass, before reverting back to amore subtle ambience. This is an entertaining listen. Recommended.