Welcome to another look at various releases old and new from the world of movie scores, video game soundtracks, theme park rides and game shows. And it is a game show that we open with STAR WARS:JEDI TEMPLE CHALLENGE sounds rather interesting and looking at the trailer for the game show I think its going to be a popular watch. The original score is by composer Gordy Haab, who caused more than a ripple of interest with his score for the video game STAR WARS JEDI:FALLEN ORDER. As with this score Haab has created some beautiful melodies and flyaway sounding action cues for JEDI TEMPLE CHALLENGE and although the score only runs for thirteen minutes it is thirteen minutes of pure delight.

The score stands on its own two musical feet as in it does not directly incorporate any of John William’s themes instead what the composer does is cleverly emulate and fashion thematic material in the style of Williams, but also manages to place his own musical identity upon it. It may be brief but it’s a score that is well worth checking out, and one that will linger in your memory long after you have stopped listening to it, full of a sumptuous interludes and overflowing with tension and romanticism that is lavish, lush and relentless.

PORNO, is I would say a different kind of horror movie, it focuses upon five teenagers who are employees at the local movie theatre in a small Christian town. They unearth a mysterious old movie that has been hidden in the basement of the theatre and as they watch it they unleash an alluring demon in female form or a Succubus, who gives them a sex education…written in blood. The score by composer Carla Patullo, is certainly an inventive work, the composer utilising choir and female solo voices that are supported by sinewy sounding strings and punctuated by synths and electronic stabs to create a malevolent and tantalising sound. I realy liked the score, the gasping erotic sounding voices evoked memories of BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE by Morricone and also had a style about them that also reminded me of THE LIVING DEAD AT THE MANCHESTER MORGUE score by Guiliano Sorgini,  the soundtrack although from a horror movie I thought was entertaining and wonderfully affecting, it is richly dark and has ab abundance of tense and nervous atmospheres.

From one horror to another THE UNFAMILIAR the story is of a British Army Doctor who returns from a war zone, she starts to have symptoms which resemble PTSD, but gradually discovers that there is a more sinister and dangerous reason for her hallucinations and strange occurrences around her. Which make things in her life or the life she once had Unfamiliar to her.

It’s a chilling and tense storyline, which is aided greatly by a largely atonal and atmospheric sounding soundtrack, composer Walter Mair constructs a harrowing sound via percussive elements and electronic sounds and stabs, these are in no way what I would call musical, but in the context of the movie bring much to the proceedings. THE UNFAMILIAR is dark and spidery with a malevolent and grating musical persona, it is unsettling and unnerving, especially when the sound of children’s voices that are speaking by not really heard are brought into the equation. If you are a fan of composers such as Joseph Bishara, and to an extent Benjamin Wallfisch on films such as THE CONJURING and IT, then this is one for you.

DER ANFANG VON ETWAS is the latest offering from composer Christoph Zirngibl, and it’s a score that I really became entangled in, the thematic content is not grand or overly expressive, but it has fleeting themes that build and develop throughout the work, these create a sense of the apprehensive and ooze tension, while at the same time purveying a mood that is filled with melancholy. This is an inventive work, and one that I found remarkably interesting. Check it out. Available on digital platforms.

 The next soundtrack is from a Rom-Com THE BROKEN HEARTS GALLERY. After ending a relationship, a young woman decides that she will set up a gallery, where people can come and leave trinkets and mementos from past relationships. The music is for the most part somewhat like a musical wall paper, being light and fairly up-tempo throughout, for me what the attraction was that it had a sound and a scattering of the style of composers such as Giorgio Moroder and to an extent Hans Zimmer in his early days, although on occasion the music does blossom into something that is more melodic and developed, the music is by Genevieve Vincent, it has to it a romantic yet quirky sound, that is created via keyboards and a sprinkling of strings with the remainder of the work being created electronically and with the use of samples etc purveying a electro-pop style in places. Still worth a listen, it’s a pleasant and easy listen.

Anne Nikitin is busy at the moment and her score for the TV series LITTLE BIRDS is well worth a listen, each time I hear a new score from her I straight away find something that is interesting, and this is no exception. It’s a soundtrack filled with an intimate yet quirky air, the composer also incorporating inventive percussive elements and compositions at certain times, She also makes effective use of sounds and voices within the score, I just loved it for its creative and inventive persona, the composer utilising solo piano, brushed timpani, bass and breathy sounding woods.

With the occasional gloriously melodious theme rising in cues such as HOWLER and THE TANGO. Check this out on Spotify, you will enjoy it.