Two vinyl releases this week from ALL SCORE in Germany, the first has already been issued on a digital format VEGA 5 AVVENTURE NEL COSMO is the work of Mondo Sangue, and is a release that I reviewed n soundtrack supplement twenty one, it’s a worthy sequel to their other albums NO PLACE FOR A MAN and L’ISOLA DEI DANNATI both of which were released by ALL SCORE. The albums are in fact not soundtracks to movies, but scores for imagined films, its an interesting concept and one that has thus far yielded so much great music. The latest is in my opinion a tribute to composers Peter Thomas and to a degree Ennio Morricone, the styles, as the sounds employed within the work evokes both of these artists musical fingerprints. The vinyl release is available now from All Score, and the numbers are limited so hurry.

The second release from the German label is a Peter Thomas soundtrack, performed by the Peter Thomas Sound Orchester, THE BIG BOSS of course was released on CD a while ago and it has since been available on digital platforms, this I am certain is the first time that it has been available on LP record, and it is presented as the original motion picture soundtrack (revisited). The twenty-track album is impressively presented with some eye-catching cover art. Certainly worth having both of these gems in your collection. The style employed and the sound achieved by Thomas is uplifting and entertaining, the composer utilising a big band style and lacing it and fusing this with pop orientated compositions that also have to them a jazz flavour. Well worth adding to your collection.

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All Score Media

Also coming very soon is a vinyl release of BACK TO THE FUTURE sadly not the score, but the original album tracks from the MCA LP that was issued at the time of the movie’s release some 35 years ago, and containing Alan Silvestri’s now iconic sounding central theme. The soundtrack was also later released CD by MCA. Mondo will release the album on November 28th. The artwork for the release is stunning and has been created by Poster Artist Drew Struzan. The release also boasts never before seen artwork that was created for the movie but never used.  The recording has been re-mastered for this edition and is pressed on 180-gram coloured vinyl.  Click here to find out price availability and shipping rates.

Various Artists – Music From The Motion Picture LP Back To The Future – Horizons Music


This year has shall we say not been the best has it, although saying that there have been a number of great soundtracks released, and composers who I had not heard of before the Covid 19 pandemic have certainly come into their own and produced some wonderful scores for both film and TV. Sadly some of the films that have been scored are still to be released because of the current restrictions, but luckily a number of the scores  have made it to either CD, LP or digital sites. A movie that premiered in January at the Sundance Film Festival and was released later in February is WENDY, it is as you might have guessed a unique and quite dark take on the story of Peter Pan, but I wont spoil it because hopefully you will want to check it out on the big screen when we can again, which I hope wont be that long. The inventive and alluring score is the work of composers Dan Romer and Benh Zeitlin, (Zeitlin is the director of the movie) yes you have heard the name Dan Romer before, he was supposed to score the new James Bond movie but was replaced by Hans Zimmer, in my opinion a mistake, but what do I know, I think Romer would have brought something new, vibrant and fresh to the franchise, but like I say what do I know and who am I ?

The score for WENDY contains all the freshness and vibrancy that I thought the composer would add to 007, there is an originality and also an inventive and mesmerising vibe to this work, at times the music is simple and just washes over the listener but on other occasions it becomes quite complex and involved, but it still works and still remains interesting and leaving the listener craving more. The story of WENDY is as I say a take on Peter Pan but not like we know the character, there are a number of dark and unsettling moments, but the movie will I hope be well received if it is released in theatres, if not then we must look out for the blu-ray or DVD in stores.


I listened to the score on Spotify, it is licenced by Sony so I would think there could be a physical CD release, but t the moment it looks like this will not be happening. This is a wonderfully varied score, the composer utilising an array of percussion to create up-beat and rhythmic passages, there are interludes within the score that are melodic and filled with melancholy, but for the majority of its running time I found the music to be more active and action led if that is the correct way to describe it, the composer utilises conventional symphonic instrumentation and fuses this with electronic and synthetic textures to create some beguiling and haunting moments within the score. I found myself returning to the score a few times to fully take in and appreciate this work. The cue NEVER GROW UP I think is again simple but so effective and affecting as it builds and gathers momentum and pace, it has to it a determination and a positivity that just attracts and impresses. This style and atmosphere also manifests itself in WHERE LOST BOYS GO and WANT TO FLY, the latter being a favourite of mine underlined with dramatic and fast paced percussion, brass flourishes and driving edgy strings that maintain a tense and robust mood throughout. The remainder of the score too is impressive and it is a triumph of a soundtrack that I recommend you check out a.s.a.p. Its one of the surprises of 2020 and a pleasant one for a change. Go listen.