At last, it’s here WONDER WOMAN 1984, the soundtrack, by Hans Zimmer, was it worth the wait, you know yes it was. It is a driving and commanding score in which the composer utilises everything he possibly can to enhance, support and herald the return of this superhero. It’s a score that I think is possibly one of Zimmer’s best, and I love the way he references the style of and pays tribute to Ennio Morricone especially the opening cue, THEMYSCIRA, it is certainly Morricone flavoured and Morricone influenced, with THE MISSION like choral and driving strings that also play out an affecting and suitably heroic theme, the composer building upon this adding to it and bringing it to the forefront of the piece, it’s a great heroic and patriotic sounding composition. The same can be said for the remainder of the score, it is vibrant and filled with energy, again Zimmer employs choir and again I was reminded of Morricone in the cue GAMES. It is unlike me to say that a Zimmer score is interesting or in places inventive but this one is, the percussive elements launch the rich thematic material headlong and fast propel it forward, this is an awesome score, a wonderful soundtrack and one that will I am sure become a firm favourite with soundtrack collectors. It has the darkness of his DARK KNIGHT scores and the celestial or more reverent sounds of THE DA VINCI CODE and has at its heart the melancholy and the stirring anthem like style of BACK DRAFT.

A stormer of a soundtrack a triumph of a score, and one that must be listened to over and over because there is so much within it that at times its hard to take in that this is all from one movie. Every track every musical morsel is something that you will latch onto and consume with delight. I recommend this to you without any reservation. To select a highlight cue or composition would be   no is impossible, because every one of them is outstanding. Swirling strings, commanding brass and percussion it’s all here folks, just go get it, you will not be disappointed. It runs for 90 minutes with a handful of the action cues having a duration of nearly 9 to 10 minutes, this is Zimmer at his best, Zimmer as I once knew him and a Zimmer that is most welcome.

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