Well, what did you watch over Christmas? Not a lot in my case, although there were a few things I quite enjoyed, the highlight being a Dawn French programme called When Roald met Beatrix, this was a charming piece of television, and had an exceptional score by Murray Gold, I just hope it gets released soon. Funnily enough the other show I enjoyed also starred Dawn French as The Vicar of Dibley, it was an oldie but a goodie as they say, the one where she has about five Christmas dinners etc. Well, those were the highlights, what else, ummmm let me think, you know I dont know. Let’s say stuff might have been on but was I interested was I watching did I ever say on the 25th 26th or 27th of December wow I must watch that. Nope never. So why do the TV channels always do this over Christmas. Put on rubbish I mean, apart from the now standard festive films which are on every year was there anything original, anything thought provoking or even mildly entertaining,,, hang on   ummmm Nope. So like so many lets look to the new year, 2021 is a year of mainly hope I think, hope that we will be getting back to something that resembles normal, and I don’t mean just cinemas opening and TV improving, no I mean on every level, Life as in everyday life and everyday things, 2021 is already a year that many have pinned a lot on, lets hope that 2021 can cope with this pressure and expectation. Film music has in my opinion been exceptional in 2020, so many scores so many new composers with innovative and inventive voices, which will insure the future of this much ignored craft and art. What else can I say, apart from thank you for supporting Movie Music International, thankyou for reading, commenting and also just being there, Thanks everyone, readers, composers, labels and anyone else I might have forgotten in this crazy, sad, affecting year. All the best to you and yours.

John Mansell MMI.

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