Three new releases from movie score media.

Three new releases from the ever-industrious Movie Score Media, and all are interesting as well as being entertaining and innovative. The first is from a drama come comedy about the Irish mob, entitled Be Good or be Gone. The score which is a mix of both comedic interludes and highly emotional passages, is the work of Joseph Conlan, the sound that he has achieved for this soundtrack is a fusion of the quirky and the romantic and dramatic. I have to say I like the way in which the composer utilizes the piano and the way in which he manages to purvey a delicate yet at the same time powerful musical atmosphere. The music manages to weave its way throughout the storyline adding depth and conjuring up dark and light moods with its textural shading, and colorful ambience. The movie is billed as a dramedy, which of course is a combination of both shadowy and lighter elements. The music conveys these varying atmospheres perfectly and although is not a large scale or indeed grandiose work, is still an immensely enjoyable one. The composer makes imaginative use of percussion throughout, but I thought was more prominent in the cues entitled Mr. Darius and the Histrionics, and Robbery Gone Wrong.  The composer fashions a rather subtle and low-key score to be fair, and at times I was reminded of the subdued and sparse sound that is sometimes employed by the likes of Thomas Newman, with hints of themes and a gentle but affecting musical persona being developed as the score itself grows and progresses. The movie which is directed by Cathal Nally focuses upon two petty thieves who are also cousin’s Ste and Weed, who receive a temporary release from prison. The story unfolds over a four-day period, where we witness just what kind of misfortunes befall them both. This is certainly worth checking out and will be available on April 9th.

The next release from MSM, is the score for the drama The Lawyer, music courtesy of Lithuanian composer Ieva Marija Baranauskaite. The soundtrack is a mainly a jazz orientated work, but has to it a rather downbeat sound, this however does not spoil in any way the impact and the excellence of the work. The movie which focuses upon a gay corporate lawyer who after the death of his long absent Father finds unexpected love with Ali a Syrian refugee who is stranded in Belgrade. The score smolders and becomes sensual and pleasingly melodic as one gets further into it. The composer utilizing piano, sax, and brushed percussion to create an easy going but at the same time rather sad sounding work.  It’s a score that one can easily leave in the player to repeat over and over, and never tire of it. Worth a listen and again available on April 9th.  

The third release on the Movie Score Media label which will also be released on the 9th of April is the music from the Lockdown horror movie, Held, music by Richard Breakspear. Which is totally the opposite in sound, style and direction to the two previous releases. The atmospheric and at times chaotic and harrowing movie tells the story of a couple whose marriage is beginning to fall apart, and their relationship is put further to the test when they are held hostage in an out of the way holiday home. Their captor is an unseen voice who gives them instructions and runs their lives. Directed by Chris Lofing and Travis Cluff, the musical score is in no way a melodic one, the composer opting to score the film in a more atonal fashion, creating harrowing sonic sounds and edgy backgrounds, making it sharp and claustrophobic in its overall sound, this is not a work for the feint hearted, the music is tense, dramatic, and intense. Recommended for the jumpy and apprehensive components within.

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