La Cocinera di Castamar VOL 1 AND 2/LE TEMPLANZA.

I cannot recommend enough to you the music of composer Ivan Palomares, he astonished us with his touching and delicate soundtrack for En La Estrellas in 2018 and in 2019 with his Documentales compilation, a year later he was back with Ron Hoopers Misfortune,s and now we are treated to two scores on three CD’s Le Templanza for the Amazon TV series and also two discs containing the eloquent and exquisitely emotive score for the TV series La Cocinera di Castamar,

The latter is filled to the brim with an array of rich and emotively motivated musical material, it is a collection of superbly written and sublimely orchestrated tone poems that are affecting and haunting. Could this be the soundtrack of the year thus far well in my eyes it certainly is, there is a richness and an elegance purveyed here throughout both releases, with the composer providing the series with not only thematic but luxuriously theme led and period sounding pieces, every cue is a highlight every track is a beautifully crafted piece that has immediate appeal. Palomares is in my opinion one of the most gifted composers working in film and TV today. And with this score he offers up so many compositions that are not just entertaining and attractive but also gifts us music that is stunning and alluring, this for me personally evokes the brilliance of composers such as Delerue and Morricone, it literally drips emotion and purveys drama and melancholy.

Whether you watch the series or just listen to the music on its own, it is a must have for your collection. Please check this out, it is on digital platforms, if you do not investigate this gloriously gracious and utterly amazing soundtrack then you will be the poorer for not doing so. The same can be said for the composer’s music for Le Templanza, again it has a strong thematic core, on which the composer builds the remainder of his soundtrack, right from the outset it establishes a sense of adventure and drama with the effective but brief opening cue.

The score like La Cocinera di Castamar, is symphonic but at times does contain synthetic elements as in Havana Harbor and The Road to Jarez, in which the composer combines the electronic with the conventional to great effect. the composer utilizes strings throughout and it sounds as if they have the lions share of the work, sweeping in and conveying a sense of romanticism. The composer employing solo guitar and piano at certain points within the work, which are supported by strings to give an even more passionate or fragile sound. So why you are on digital platforms listening to one of these scores why not just listen to all of them and treat yourself to a highly affecting hour or two of astounding and beautiful music. Recommended without reservation.