Frank Ilfman on his Score for GUNPOWDER MILKSHAKE.

The Netflix movie Gunpowder milkshake is your latest score, its directed by Navot Papushado who you collaborated with on Big Bad Wolves and Rabies, did the director have any specific ideas about the music as in its style or where it should be placed?

FI-Yes, we had many talks about the different styles we wanted to have in the film and what we wanted to say musically, our main idea was to give each character a signature tune that will be easy recognisable and would tell the audience which is which. Togther with Gareth Cousins the music editor we had a few spotting sessions and then also Navot and myself would go over cues and and changed and move things around during the early editing process.

The score we are told contains nods to the likes of Bernard Herrmann and also the scores from European 60’s noir movies, but also has a contemporary feel which includes rock infused tracks for the action scenes which by the look of the trailer there are many. You utilized a number of female soloists for the project, what size orchestra did you have for the movie and how much music did you write for the film?

FI-I wrote about close to 3hr of score over the past year for the film, as the film had many changes and recuts due to some test screening as you do, so some of the music had to be rewritten and also new cues were needed to be added. I had a 90 piece orchestra and choir, about ten soloist performers and a bunch of old synth and a theremin to give that retro feel.

How much time did you have to create and record the score?

FI – I worked on it for about a year give to take and we recorded over a week at Air Studios and the film was mixed at Abbey Road for a couple of weeks after.

What percentage of the score would you say is symphonic as in conventional players?

FI- the orchestra is always present in all the cues in one way or another, but its always playing fairly soft as I wanted to build it as the story moves forward, it comes into full force toward the second half of the film where the librarians are becoming more establish in the story.

Will there be a soundtrack release for the score and if so do you have any idea when this will be?

FI- Yes the soundtrack album will be released by Milan Records on all digital platforms and CD on demand and later in the year as a special vinyl edition via Mondo.

How would you describe the movie?

FI – Gunpowder Milkshake is a genre blender movie, think a Japanese assassin comic book, film noir, a western and a modern-day action thriller with a twist, very colourful, stylish and super fun!