I first remember discovering the music of composer Panu Aaltio when I stumbled across his score for The Home of Dark Butterflies which I think would have been around 2009. Since hearing his haunting Forgiveness composition, from that score I have been hooked and look out for anything that he does and also interviewed him for MMI. A score that is to be released by Movie Score Media is Finders of the Lost Yacht. In fact, I see that it is already available on digital platforms and is well worth checking out. The movie is an adventure film for all the family, but I think specifically aimed at kids. It involves two popular characters from Finland Pertsa and Kilu. The composer spoke to Movie Score Media about the movie.

Panu Aaltio

“It’s hard to explain just how big Pertsa and Kilu are in Finland and how much of a privilege it was to join this long tradition that has been going on since the 1950s. Since the story here is foremost about friendship, and that theme is central in the score as well. The main theme is very much about the adventure but borrows a little from rock ‘n roll and jazz to portray the inventive non-conformist attitude of the two friends, who among other things end building their own airplane and submarine out of scrap metal!” – Panu Aaltio (from the MSM web site).

The score is filled with adventurous and vigorous sounding  themes and is a driving and kind of swashbuckling affair, but it also has within it a softer more emotionally style which although does not manifest itself that often is always welcomed.

The composer treats us to a rip roaring and commanding set of themes that are filled with a vibrant and robust air. It is one of those soundtracks where the music seems to set the scene and the pace being grand and forthright with a gentle nod to maybe Korngold swashbucklers of old in places. I cant really say anything else apart from take the time to check this out  you will not be sorry.