I must be honest and say that I have not heard any of composer Christophe Julien’s music for film until recently when I caught sections of his score for Adieu Les Cons which was released in 2020. His latest work is for the movie Delicieux, or Delicious, which is a movie that focuses upon the world’s first restaurant which was established in 1789.

The movie was released on September 9th and has attracted much attention. The musical score is a triumph, the composer fashioning subtle and richly thematic pieces to accompany the story as it unfolds on screen. The music is affecting and haunting with its slight but effective tone poems filling the air and purveying a style and sound that is in keeping with the period in which the movie is set. It is fully symphonic and has to it a sound that evokes the style of composer Georges Delerue for me personally.

Maestro Christophe Julien.

Christophe Julien has created a mainly understated but at the same time quite powerful work that makes a lasting impression once heard. The composer fills the movie with luscious themes that entice and entertain, his score punctuates and underlines whilst complimenting and enhancing. It is a soundtrack that I recommend you listen to, available on digital platforms such as Apple and Spotify. Certainly, one to savour and enjoy over and over as one will hear different sounds and phrases each time you listen. While you are checking out this beautiful and alluring work why not also take a listen to the composers other scores that are available, you will not be sorry.