What’s out, What’s New, What Label, and will I like it?

Well the avalanche of soundtrack releases continues and I have decided to include a kind of supplement to soundtrack supplement if you like, where we tell you what label is doing what and details of where you can buy these if you wish to do so. Here are a selection of labels and sites.

Lets start in Spain… Quartet.

Quartet Records – Specializes in the release of soundtracks

To Italy next with BEAT records.

(3) BEAT Records Company | Facebook

To The United States of America  and  Varese Sarabande.

Varѐse Sarabande – Varèse Sarabande (



Howlin Wolf Records.

Howlin’ Wolf Records (

La La Land Records.

La-La Land Records (

Back to Europe with Kronos Records. – KRONOS RECORDS

Movie Score Media.

MovieScore Media – Quality Soundtrack Albums Since 2006

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