Marco Beltrami is a composer I have followed since the Scream movies and have interviewed him and gone to a couple of his sessions when he was recording in London. I think the attraction of his music is that he writes in what I think is a very operatic way, his scores are often sweeping and grandiose, even when he is scoring a movie that does not have a mega budget, he created themes and driving scores that not only supported the movie but went beyond that and gave it an even greater depth and stature. He has been busy in recent months scoring Fear Street, Nine Perfect Strangers, and A Quiet Place ll amongst other things. The latest release in cinemas to have a score by Beltrami is Venom-Let There be Carnage. I must admit to not liking the first Venom score by Ludwig Gorensson, (where is he lately?) but I did’nt like the movie either, so approached this musical installment with much trepidation. The score for Venom 2 (will call it that its easier), is a mix of dramatic symphonic and electronic stabs and layers that are fused with a more rock orientated style, it sounds rather chaotic but when listening to the score it really works.

There are the trademark sounds of Beltrami included with his grand and driving strings that are supported by percussive elements which are themselves bolstered and given more urgency by rasping and menacing brass. And I think menacing is a good way to describe much of the composer’s score. There is an apprehensive and turbulent aura to the work,

Beltrami does fashion thematic material amongst this but for the most part the music is action led, I would not say its atonal as there are interludes that are effective and deliver real moments of melody even if this is somewhat subdued and overshadowed by a more dramatic style. I also noticed that the composer seems to have re-introduced a style which he employed in some of his early scores such as The Faculty and the Scream movies, combining slicing and spiteful sounding strings with percussion and consolidating this with a fierce brass punctuation. I listened through three times, and I recommend that you do this too, as on the initial listen you may like I did think it was another up-beat rock infused affair. Recommended available on digital platforms now, CD coming soon, and the LP will be released in January 2022, which probably wont, do its sales any good.

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