Have you ever listened to a piece of music or a film score that has stunned you into silence and left you being without any words to describe the feelings that the music has stirred within you? Well, it does not happen to often these days when listening to music from movies, but just the other day I was recommended to listen to a score from a movie entitled Claret, I know very little about the film itself so forgive me for being ill informed. But the score just blew me away, the music is by composer Oscar Martin Leanizbaruttia who I interviewed a few years ago when he scored projects such as Poveda and Las de Soledad, both from 2016.

The score for  Claret is a perfect example of pure musical emotion, there are so many poignant and affecting parts to this score that it is I have to say hard to take it all in an appreciate that all this wonderfully eloquent music comes from just one score and one movie.  It was evident back in 2016, that this was a composer that possessed a rare quality and a talent for conveying emotions musically. He has a gift for melody and is also a purveyor of so many senses within his compositions, his music gets to the listeners core, invading not only their brain but their hearts, becoming mesmerizing and captivating.  

Claret is available only digitally at the moment on various platforms but hopefully that will alter soon and a CD will be released, it is a score that deserves to be released in every format that is available, it is polished and highly atmospheric and I was thinking when listening to it it is undoubtedly alluring and haunting which is down to the impeccable musical fingerprint and inventiveness of the composer, but at times there are touching nuances and small chinks of melodies that do evoke memories of Ennio Morricone, or Mark McKenzie, it also has certain affiliations with the music of Marco Frisina, (which is not a negative thing) but then one realizes no!

This is pure Leanizbaruttia, there is a consistent quality present here throughout, the composer realizing an exquisite, flawless and pure sound, that is filled with a spiritual aura and overflowing with a serene and dramatic persona.

Claret the score is a triumph and totally absorbing. Listening to the music made me want to see the movie, the composer has fashioned a score that is fragility and poignancy personified, but there is also a slightly darker side that raises its head momentarily on occasion, it is a score that one can listen to and be completely hypnotized by, its melodies are rich and full, its themes lasting and inspiring, this is for me the score of the year 2021 and I do not mean thus far  it is this years jewel in the crown of film music.   It is a welcomed oasis of wonderfully melodic music in a desert that is recently filled with droning non thematic examples of the art of film scoring.    

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