THE KING’S MAN. (pre release review).

It won’t be long now before The Kingsman series of films becomes a trilogy, the soon to be released The Kings Man will we are told be in cinemas on December 22nd this year, the film, which is much anticipated by fans of the franchise, is also something that film music collectors are waiting for because the score by Dominic Lewis and Matthew Margeson has generated certain mutterings saying that it is something special. The movie was slotted for release in February then in September 2020, but the pandemic happened.

Well, I can tell you the whisperers and the rumours about the musical score are all true, it is brilliant. The work is a powerhouse of robust and vibrant themes, the composing duo never letting up and creating so many powerful and commanding moments. The opening track The Kings Man is an imposing and affecting piece for proud sounding horns that are laced with strings, creating an uplifting and I would say confident and at the same tie beautiful opening flourish for the score. It has a sound that is more than uplifting and so much more than melodic, it is totally consuming and inspiring. The cue moves into a more apprehensive and dramatic vein as it develops, the composers adding driving strings that are shadowed by brass and percussion, which give them an even greater atmospheric clout.

At times I was reminded of the work of both John Barry and John Williams and I thought there were also affiliations to the sound as in the melody to Morricone’s Ecstasy of Gold, just hints at least that evoke that wonderfully affecting four note motif from the Italian Maestro’s now iconic theme.(well I can hear it).  But I digress slightly, the music for The Kingsman is probably one of the most richly thematic scores from 2021 I say thematic as in anthem like and action packed, but even when the music becomes action motivated the themes still shine through and develop and alter throughout. What the composers have done here is create a solid score that twists and turns along with the plot and retains a melodic and attractive musical persona, that most certainly entertains without having to see the movie, which is great because it’s not yet out. But as soon as it is the score has made me want to see the film even more.

But just listening to the score, one just knows that the film is going to be a powerhouse of a production, which hurtles along at break-neck speed, never relenting or holding back, and if it does in the quieter moments then these are even more effective because of the luxurious and deeply emotional sound achieved and purveyed. It is for the majority a symphonic score, and utilises to the max strings, percussion and brass, the composers also adding little quirky nuances performed on cymbalom here and there, creating a haunting and mysterious air. I just wanted to alert you all to this wonderful score, it’s a triumph, and sorry to say you will have to wait until at least December before you are able to listen to it. But it is certainly worth waiting for.

One thought on “THE KING’S MAN. (pre release review).”

  1. You hit it right on the spot. The main theme across all the soundtrack revolves around a variation of Ennio Morricone’s The Ecstasy of Gold. I feel it’s just impossible not to notice, however I can’t find many people noting it on the internet.

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