The series Landscapers is airing soon on Sky-Atlantic, it stars Olivia Coleman and David Thewlis as a mild-mannered husband and wife Susan and Christopher Edwards. The story is based upon true events, the seemingly ordinary couple have been on the run for nearly fifteen years, and in their mind’s, they fantasise about being Hollywood movie star heroes, but, they are hiding dark and agonising secrets because they are double murderers, who have been blocking out the acts of violence that they carried out and also trying to supress their guilt. The four-part series will premiere in the UK on Sky and NOW TV on Tuesday, 7th December at 9pm and all four episodes will be available to watch at launch. The story is based upon what became to known as The Mansfield Murders, which took place in 1998, when Susan Edwards aided by her husband Christopher brutally murdered Susan’s parents, and then buried their bodies in shallow graves in the back garden of their house. It was Susan who shot her parents and Christopher was seen in the garden digging by neighbours. Susan carried out the killings for financial gain and the morning after she killed her parents withdrew large sums of money from their bank account. The couple succeeded in concealing the crime for many years and after going on the run and ending up in France they decided to give themselves up to the authorities in 2012. It’s a fascinating story and vividly brought to life by this production.

The musical score is by Arthur Sharpe, who has also recently scored the movie The Electrical Life of Louis Wain and provided the atmospheric soundtracks for Flowers 1 and 2. As with his previous assignments the composer has created a varied and at times quirky sounding score, which seems to encompass so many styles and sounds, including a Morricone-esque type of homage in the cue Spaghetti Landscapers, which includes solo trumpet, organ, electric guitar, and male voices in A Fistful of Dollars fashion, its an inventive score with the composer utilising several unusual sounds and also combining things such as pizzicato and percussive elements to achieve innovative musical heights. I found the score enjoyable, the composer always pushing boundaries I thought creating interesting and entertaining compositions. And as well as the up-beat sounds also providing the story with lilting and poignant themes that are filled with emotion and fragility. The soundtrack will be released by Silva Screen on Friday December 10th and is well worth adding to your collection.