Who said that the western movie was dead? Well, I must disagree especially when films such as Hostile Territory are around. Set during the time of and the aftermath of the American Civil war it is a movie based on true events, with former P.O.W. Jack Calgrove moving Heaven and Earth to be reunited with his children following the Civil War. After returning home, Jack finds out his wife has died and his children, presumed orphans, are heading deep into the West aboard a train crossing old enemy lines. Calgrove and another former soldier are joined by a troop of Native American sharpshooters and a freed slave, as they race to intercept the orphan train before all hope is lost. Directed by Brian Presley, it is an action movie with heart and one that you should try and catch if possible.

The musical score is in one word superb. It is the work of composer John Koutselinis, who has fashioned beautiful, and affecting themes alongside thundering action cues to support and underline the various sequences and scenarios that are unfolding on screen. I am pleased to say the score is available on digital platforms via Movie Score Media, and it is a soundtrack that you as a self-respecting film music fan must add to your digital collection straight away.

main theme.

The music is a fusion of symphonic and synthetic, but I have to say is one of the most emotive and wonderfully rich and affecting scores I have heard thus far this year, it has to it a slight Gaelic lilt in several the cues and also includes an enchanting and ethereal sounding solo voice performance which is haunting and effective. The lush and at times lavish textures and colours of the score are overwhelming emotionally, the composer utilising delicate woods, and sweeping strings to convey a feeling of melancholy and expansiveness, but also employing driving string performances that are underlined by booming percussive elements to establish a fearsome and relentless musical persona. It is a work of quality and at times contains a spiritual and hopeful sound. His music evoking the style of Horner, Holdridge, Poledouris, and Goldsmith, with epic and grand orchestral flourishes weaving their way in and out of the proceedings. The score will be available on the likes of Amazon, Apple, and Spotify on April 22nd, please I urge you check this one out, it is an essential listen.