After a meteor falls to earth, an inquisitive 8-year-old boy Hung investigates and soon meets an alien girl from the planet Maika, who has come to earth to search for her lost friend. The alien helps Hung make new friends and heal a broken heart after he has lost his Mother to illness and also a friend because they have moved away. But danger it seems is waiting everywhere. The movie I must be honest has not received the best of welcomes from audiences and critics alike, but one saving grace is the musical score by the accomplished and highly talented composer Christopher Wong. He has written a score that is brimming with proud sounding action cues and literally oozes emotion with so many beguiling and poignant melodies. That purvey fragility and a sense of warmth. The score is mostly symphonic with added support from synths and electronic elements, but it is the richness of the orchestral sounds that attracts and wins over the listener.

It’s a score that works for the movie and in many ways makes it a little more watchable, the music has to it an abundance of qualities when listened to as just stand-alone music. At times there are gentle nods to the style of John Williams, as in the intimate and poignancy of the woodwinds in ET, and the anthem like flourishes from Star Wars, and to a degree one can also hear references to the film score sound of the 1980’s as in the style of Goldsmith and Broughton, with sweeping strings and inventive use of brass and woods throughout.

Although the storyline and overall quality of the movie is not remarkable the composer has somehow managed to fashion a score that is totally consuming and wonderfully engrossing. Released now on all digital platforms by Movie Score Media who have worked many times before with Chris Wong releasing twelve albums to date including Maika. Worth checking out.   

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