Amelia Warner, is not just an actress but also a well thought of and talented composer of music for film and TV. Her score for Mary Shelley from 2018, is still in my own personal top twenty of most returned to film scores, her style is subtle but at the same time has to it a commanding and powerful musical persona that is attractive, beguiling, and haunting. Her debut major scoring project was the British short film ‘Mam‘ which won several awards on the film-festival circuit and led to her first feature-film composition, for 2016’s ‘Mum’s List’, starring Rafe Spall and Emilia Fox. Warner has also released three solo classical albums to date-the most recent EP ‘Haven,’ was released in summer 2020. The home-inspired ‘Haven’ was coincidentally released at a time when home was the epicentre for people thrown into months of lockdown in the middle of the global pandemic. Her previous solo EP ‘Visitors‘ (2017) followed her debut EP ‘Arms‘ (2015). Warner’s three EP releases have all reached #1 classical album on the iTunes chart.

Amelia Warner.

The composers most recent scoring assignment is for the movie Mr. Malcolm’s List, a period costume drama directed by Emma Holly Jones which is now available on various digital platforms. Like her score for Mary Shelley the work is filled with an abundance of affecting thematic material, beautiful tone poems are scattered throughout the score, and are entertaining as well as effective. It is an elegant work, that has numerous styles interlaced and also one I am certain will be returned to many ties after the initial listen. The music has a quintessential English sound and is I think very much evocative of the work of composers such as Rachel Portman, Debbie Wiseman and Adrian Johnson, in fact there is a definite nod to scores such as The Cider House Rules, and Becoming Jane, as in it is possess delicate, and lilting interludes that have to them fragility and rich melodic air.

This is a subtle and yet impacting score, simple emotive melodies flow through it and weave a gorgeous and infectious musical web as the work progresses. The melodic and mesmerising style is developed more fully with each cue the composer adding little comedic hints and rich romantic nuances along the way that purvey poignancy and lightness whilst also containing its fair share of heartbreaking moments. Wonderful music that you should add to your collection. Highly recommended.