Just a few years ago many film music collectors often dismissed TV music, I am pleased to say that that has become something of the past and film scores and music for TV programs is treated equally and in some scenarios the TV scores get better press. The same I suppose could be said for music for games, I do not in any way shape or form profess to know a lot about music for games, but I do know that in recent years this medium of entertainment has given us so many wonderfully atmospheric and innovative soundtracks. With composers who work predominantly in this area writing epic and emotive music that could easily be from the latest Hollywood blockbuster. The music for video games has certainly developed over the past two decades, with full blooded rich symphonic scores being created to underline and underscore people’s favorite games.  Assassin’s Creed for example and Journey, both contain atmospheric and imposing musical works.

The latter title has recently been given a new lease of life by its composer Austin Wintory, in the form of a re-recording entitled Traveler-A Journey Symphony, which I am told will be performed at the BBC proms in London in early August. Although basically the same as the composers score for the video game, it does have certain variations, with some themes from the score being developed more for the re-recording, on listening to the symphony it was so good to again hear the lilting and emotive themes that the composer first wrote back in 2012, and I for one will be tuning into the proms when the music is broadcast.

However, the symphony is available on digital platforms, and makes for a mesmerizing and at times a relaxing and poignant listen. It is a work that washes over you at times, creating a Zen like atmosphere, the beautiful and wonderfully thematic score is one that I would recommend to anyone, it is music that chills, heals and relaxes, and is also a soundtrack that lives a life of its own away from the game it was written for. Wintory’s music is attractive and haunting, with delicate tone poems being scattered throughout.

But like all good soundtracks there is variation in the style and sound of the music as it accompanies various levels within the video game, the composer adapting and creating said sounds and musical styles to suit and support. But it is the more melodic and melancholy sounding cues that stand out, simply because of their gracious and affecting musical personality. I listened to the score three times through, and never tired of it, and the same can be said for the new recording, because once you begin to listen its very difficult to come away from it and the mood that the music fashions. As I say I am no games music expert, but this music I think would be not only appealing to film music collectors, but also a score that they would want in their collection and return to many times after the initial listen. Check it out on the likes of Spotify.

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