Another TV score and one that I for one think is just brimming with so many great themes, Hotel Portofino has a score that is composed by Stefano Cabrera, it is a sheer delight to sit and listen to on its own away from the series but is just as entertaining when hearing the score work with the unfolding storylines and images within the series. This is a score that tantalizes and works a dreamy kind of magic that envelops and caresses the images and elevates each episode.

There is a rich and wholesome sound to this work, which is created by joyous sounding strings that seem to skip along being punctuated by piano and woods. I cannot make up my mind which composer I most drawn to when it comes to making comparisons with this wonderful score and others, possibly Georges Delerue, and the early work of Alexandre Desplat, and Nicola Piovani, but also at times gives gentle nods to the style of Dario Marianelli.

There is a definite European sound present, but also a quintessentially English musical persona is in place throughout, underlining and dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s. Light, majestic and luxurious, with delicate nuances performed on harp, piano and clever use of subtle woods, the score has to it a fragility and an almost precious ambience that oozes sophistication and charm.

The composer at times, employing strident but low-key string passages that work marvelously emotive and poignant melodies into the proceedings seamlessly, which are touching and affecting. A quality soundtrack from an entertaining series, available on digital platforms via Silva Screen records UK.  Well worth checking out.  

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