Shredder is an American 2003 slasher/horror, which was directed by Greg Huson and focuses upon a group of friends who are being stalked and killed horribly by an unknown assailant at an abandoned ski lodge. The movie has an excellent score composed by Alan Derian. I know many collectors say ok its another horror score so lots of startling crashes, booming percussion, rasping brass and urgent slicing strings, well yes, but this is just so good.  This maybe for a lower budget movie that was released straight to video/dvd, but the music is superb, classy and affecting. There is an edgy and relentlessly driving malevolence to this music, the composer relying on strings, brass, and percussive elements to fashion a score that although is nonstop and harrowing can also yield some wonderfully melodic moments.

Made available last year on digital platforms it is a score that should be issued onto CD or even LP record, it has to it a Herrman-esque sound and a quality that oozes sounds and styles that evoke the music of Jerry Goldsmith and Pino Donaggio in the symphonic departments, but also has to it little nods to electronic Maestros such as Harry Bromley Davenport (Xtro) and Alan Howarth (too many to mention).

It’s finally balanced mix of both conventional instrumentation and searing and subtle synthetics combine to generate a powerful and fast paced kaleidoscope of inventive musical colours and textures. With its strident and shocking shrieking Psycho inspired strings and its dark and impending doomlike, jagged and cutting brass this is one for fans of the genre and its music.

The balance of electronics and symphonic is well measured with the composer elevating an already tense and chaotic storyline to new heights, punctuating, underlining, enhancing, and accentuating with a landslide of supportive sounds. Highly recommended. Hopefully a CD will one day be released.