Last October MMI included an interview with the highly talented Norwegian born composer Raymond Enoksen, the interview Music is the Language of Emotions, was one of the most clicked on since MMI started, and if you have not yet read this, I suggest you do.

It was a surprise to me then as it still is now that this highly talented, versatile, and prolific composer is yet to have a success outside of Nordic cinema, his scores are brimming with melodies, and oozing with sensitivity and emotions. His latest score is for Filther, which is a movie that is not due for release until 2023. The composer however has released his haunting score on digital platforms already. The composer has collaborated with Simen Nyland the director of Filther before on the short film Girl in White in 2015, and this latest coming together of these creative minds for me personally is a particularly fruitful one as it yields so many wonderfully captivating interludes, passages, and nuances from the composer.

The score that Enosken has created is a magical and mystical affair, the music having to it an ethereal and celestial persona, which is mesmerizingly beautiful and affecting. The delicate and intricate themes wash over the listener, and purvey an atmosphere that is filled with fragility, romanticism, and sadness.

I am pleased to say that this is a symphonic score, performed  by the Budapest Art Orchestra with the composer utilizing piano, strings, and woods to great effect, there are also solo performances from violin, and cello adding an even greater sense of poignancy to the proceedings. there is also a music box type theme within the work that catches the listeners attention and a scattering of cimbalom which again adds depth and atmospherics to the work.

The composer also uses choir and soprano performances within the score. The music can I suppose be described as simple, but the simplicity of the music is where it works its magic, infiltrating one’s mind, senses and captivating one’s heart and soul. Listening to the music has made me want to go and see the movie, as I am curious how the score works with the images, as it stands out as beautiful and affectual music on its own. I recommend this score, and anything else the composer has written, you are in for a treat.