Have you been watching Only Murders in the Building?  It was a series I initially did not sit down to watch, but curiosity got the better of me and Steve Martin and Martin Short are in it so why not. Plus of course there is Salena Gomez, who is also wonderful. We are now into season two, and it just gets better and better, and what I also love about it is the music by composer Siddharth Khosla, the music is just so inventive, it has so many colours and textures leaping across stylistic boundaries and musical genres with ease, the composer fashioning haunting, and infectious themes throughout.

This is without a doubt a classy series and one I will probably watch over again as soon as I am done. The musical scores add so much depth, expression, and atmosphere to the already excellent storylines that I have to say that this is a marriage of image, music, snappy scripts, and excellent acting that surely must have been made in heaven. With the TV of today being so dire and boring, Only Murders in the Building is the veritable breath of fresh air that we are all craving.

And the music too, is not just a support for the series but manages to carve out a little place for itself having a life away from the images. What I also like about the soundtrack is that although the composer utilizes themes and motifs from season one within season two, he arranges and adapts these in such a way that they remain fresh and vibrant as if you are hearing them for the first time.

There is a comedic air to the music but also a laid-back jazz influence which raises its head from time to time, the music can also be mysterious, jaunty and apprehensive. I have enjoyed listening to the scores and am really hoping that there might be a season three in the works. 

Children of the Underground, is produced by FX and is streaming on Hulu. The documentary, which is in five parts, tells the true story of charismatic vigilante Faye Yager, who built a vast underground network that hid hundreds of mothers and children, saving them from the alleged abuse of husbands and fathers when a broken court system would not do anything to protect them or punish the perpetrators.

The music for the series is emotive and poignant, filled with a melancholy but also having a sense of hope and displaying sounds and a style that purveys an urgent and tense undercurrent. The score is the work of composer Ariel Marx, who is known for Candy (2022) Ted Bundy Falling for a Killer (2021), American Horror Story (2021), and Shiva Baby (2020). Her music has to it an alluring and haunting persona in all of her projects, but within Children of the Underground in particular she creates many beautiful and attractive pieces.

Ariel Marx.

The instrumentation is quite sparse, and I think as far as I can make out is restricted to just strings, and piano. The score is at times quite complex, but overall is a rewarding listen, the composer fashioning delicate motifs, fragile nuances and musical passages that are overflowing with emotions. Available on digital platforms.

Whilst there why not take a listen to her other scores, her style is unique and innovative, the composer fashioning unusual but affecting sounds via blending electronic elements with conventional and ethnic instruments.