Released in 1984, The Missing Link is a French animated movie for adults. Directed by Picha, it is a film that features music by British composer Roy Budd and features additional music from Paul Fishman and songs courtesy Leo Sayer. The soundtrack was released back in the 1980’s on the low budget record label K Tel, but the original release only featured a handful of tracks by composer Budd, whereas the latest release on Jambo records, which is available as a digital release only features more than twenty orchestral cues by Budd and another thirteen tracks by Budd and other artistes. It is in some ways a fairly typical Roy Budd sound that we are hearing, take a listen to track number the composer mixing drama with jazz influenced pieces throughout but there 15 O’s March and tell me you do not hear The Wild Geese! Alongside these familiar sounding pieces are also a fair few compositions that display a sound and style that is far removed what we expect when listening to Budd’s film scores.

It is a soundtrack that I know all film music fans will enjoy immensely, it is a varied and entertaining collection, which contains easy going tracks that at times evoke the style of Henry Mancini, as in track number 16 Croak the Cool.

The songs which by no means became big hits are also wonderfully easy going and enjoyable and have to them a hook that well hooks the listener.  

The additional musical score by Pau Fishman which is electronic is a delight as well, in fact it’s a great musical package. A long-lost gem which at last has been discovered dusted off and made available. Recommended, that’s all we need now is Budd’s original scores for movies such as Soldier Blue, Catlow and Zeppelin, now wouldn’t that be something.   


As a tribute and also in the hope that collectors of all types of film music will read this, I thought I would add the link for six strings e magazine here for all to see . This was the brainchild of Jeremy Hawkins who I knew for a very short time and in this short period I found a good friend, a man who’s knowledge seemed boundless and not just about films and music.. He was also a very generous man, and he is much missed by all who knew him either in person or as a social media friend. Rest in peace Jeremy..

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