At last a remastered and expanded CD soundtrack release of acclaimed composer James Horner’s score to the Christmas period movie Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) which featured the amazing talents of Jim Carrey and was directed by Ron Howard. Composer James Horner’s orchestral score has been on the wish lists of many since the soundtrack was originally released to much disappointment amongst Horner devotees. The film which was based on the ever-popular classic short story and TV special, successfully managed to capture all of the elements portrayed in the timeless tale and subsequent TV production. Horner more than supported and enhanced the live action movie with his atmospheric and haunting musical score.  

The composer perfectly purveying the many changing moods of the central character as well as creating mischievous and melancholy interludes throughout. The score is a varied collection of emotive and impish sounds that thrill, beguile and enthrall. This La La Land release is remastered and expanded containing previously unreleased music and represents one of Horner’s most cherished and popular works for film. Produced by Neil S. Bulk and Mike Matessino, who also Mastered the recording from studio vault elements, this 3000 unit limited-edition CD release also features in-depth liner notes by acclaimed film music writer Jeff Bond and the classic art design by Jim Titus. Available now (November 1st.) from La La Land records. Click here for details.  www.lalalandrecords.com

The label will also release, “The Quinn Martin Collection Vol 4, 12 O Clock High
(2-CD SET)”
Music by Dominic Frontiere
Limited Edition of 2000 Units

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