The Man Who Cleans knows you can find a lot of secrets in trash. People tend to lie but their trash never does. The Man Who Cleans thought he was invisible, until he met the Girl with the Purple Hair Lock. Girl with the Purple Hair Lock breaks into his tidy life because only an evil angel can save her now. Meanwhile, the Huntress knows somebody is killing blonds out there. Nobody believes her, but she knows. What she doesn’t know, though, is that evil is hiding behind the green door. The truth lies at the bottom of a dark, deep abyss.

Maybe a little strange as an explanation as to what a movie is about, but intriguing none the less. I was attracted to Lo Sono L’Abisso not because of its plot or its actors etc, but because of its film score by talented composer Vito Lo Re, you may recall the composer because of his brilliant score for the movie L’Uomo del Labrinto aka Into the Labyrinth which was released in 2019 and featured Dustin Hoffman. The film was not only entertaining but also perplexing, harrowing, and thought provoking at times being confusing. A thinking person’s movie perhaps, but its one I just loved.

The score for Lo Sono L’Abisso, is just as powerful but it contains more intimate and solitary thematic performances mainly on piano which conveys a romantic atmosphere, this however does not mean there is no variety within the score as there are also darker elements that the composer introduces that manifest mainly in track number three Le a Mia Amica, which although not menacing has to it a more sinister sound and apprehensive vibe. The score is quite brief, just five tracks with one being a rap/song by Shocker MC, but it is still a rewarding listen, recommended.