The new Netflix movie Slumberland takes audiences to a magical new place, a dreamworld where precocious Nemo (Marlow Barkley) and her eccentric companion Flip (Jason Momoa) embark on the adventure of a lifetime. After her father Peter (Kyle Chandler) is unexpectedly lost at sea, young Nemo’s idyllic Pacific Northwest existence is completely upended when she is sent to live in the city with her well-meaning but deeply awkward uncle Phillip (Chris O’Dowd). Her new school and new routine are challenging by day but at night, a secret map to the fantastical world of Slumberland connects Nemo to Flip, a rough-around-the-edges but lovable outlaw who quickly becomes her partner and guide.

She and Flip soon find themselves on an incredible journey traversing dreams and fleeing nightmares, where Nemo begins to hope that she will be reunited with her father once again.

Pinar Toprak

The magical and atmospheric musical score is the work of Turkish composer Pinar Toprak, who has created a symphonic work that is wistful, mysterious, whimsical, and sweepingly grandiose to accompany the many escapades of Nemo and Flip, the music is bright, robust, and rich with soaring themes and poignant interludes that are complimented by dark and foreboding moments.

The composer has penned a soundtrack that is as adventurous and affecting as the movie itself, the action cues such as The Storm are wonderfully driving yet remain melodic, her use of Soprano voice at certain points within the score too is effective and totally mesmerizing, the score also contains a Gaelic lilt in various cues, such as Notification, which is a particularly emotive sounding piece.

With woods carrying the theme whilst being underlined and enhanced by subtle strings, giving it just the right amount of melancholy. It is an accomplished score, which evokes the style of John Williams in Hook and Home Alone mode, and one I think will become popular with film music fans once heard. Available now on digital platforms. When I say do not pass this one by, I mean just don’t. My only regret with all these great scores coming out of Netflix is most are restricted to digital releases, why is that? Compact discs would be nice.

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