Hotel Portofino began its run this week on ITV 1 the series has already been shown on Britbox and has attracted a following so I am told. . The opening episode of Hotel Portofino was I thought very good, and the music was superb, the score is a vibrant and thematic one, with the composer Stefano Cabrera providing the imagery on screen with some of the most luxurious sounding compositions I have heard in a long while for a TV series. In fact there is only one series on TV at the moment that I think makes an impression that is similar and that is Call the Midwife.

 Hotel Portofino, has a beguiling and at times richly opulent sounding score, the composer utilizing the string section to maximum effect, and adding woods, a scattering of percussive elements and even more strings, harp, and delightful piano performances, the music is romantic, comedic, light, joyous and dramatic.

Stefano Cabrera.

The composer also serves us a selection of easy listening cues that are written in a 1920’s and 30’s style having to them a mild jazz influence, but always remaining melodious and affecting. I wont, be telling you a lie when I say that every track on the soundtrack release is a charming and entertaining piece, there are no tracks or compositions that I would say I had to skip for whatever reason.

I enjoyed the entire release from start to finish, so much so that I returned to the beginning as soon as it had finished. This is not in any way a complicated score, but nor is a simple one, it is just a soundtrack that is a sheer delight, filled to overflowing with wonderfully haunting and melodious musical content. Recommended and available now on digital platforms.

Stefano Cabrera.

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